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About Us

Welcome to our shop!!!!! The Butter Bean Shop is a family owned business that began as a simple homemade hair and body butter. Let me tell you the story...

So, about 4 years ago, my youngest daughter was 1 years old and she had a head full of thick beautiful curls that needed care, moisturizing, hydration, and taming :-) I went to the store and purchased almost every product I could and even though those products worked pretty well, they didn't really provide the nourishment that her hair needed.  After doing some research, and lots of experiments in the kitchen, I found a homemade formula that not only did wonders for her hair, but also for her skin.  (Not just her skin but the whole family)

That hair/skin butter grew into other handcrafted products such as soaps, lotions, conditioners, bath bombs, etc...  All the products that are made by our little company have been made with care and love.  So much thought, planning and research is poured into developing and creating high quality products for you to use and fall in love with!!!