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Care of Handmade Artisan Products

Artisan Soap & Body Butter Care

The soaps that you buy from The Butter Bean Shop are handmade and unique.  Because the soap is a handmade product and made of natural ingredients without preservatives, it requires care to preserve the longevity and performance.

  • Do not leave your soap in the shower or bath.  It should be removed and stored in a dry place. If the soap is stored in water or a damp place, it can make it soft and mushy and we don't want that :-(
  • Whipped body butters should be stored in a cool dry place and away from direct heat or sunlight.  Since the body butters are oil based, it can melt.  All the goodness is still there but its just in a different form and consistency. If this happens, you can refrigerate the body butter and hand mix when the oils are opaque (not fully solidified)