Scented Wax Melt 4-Pack

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Why do you have to choose just one?!?! Well - you don’t! You can now purchase the scented wax melt 4-pack and customize!

1 - Choose from any wax melts that are currently listed on the online store and specify your selections in the notes section.

2 - All Wax Melts will be clamshells; However, you can select any scent that is listed even if it’s not a Clamshell!

This para-soy blend wax melt packs a bold and fragrant punch! It’s filled to the max with a beautiful fragrance that will leave your home and/or office smelling wonderful! It has a great scent throw and will make any room fill with fabulous aroma. For use in approved wax melters only.

*Do NOT ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do NOT add water. Do NOT leave wax melter unattended when in use. Do NOT touch hot wax.

*If you select a fragrance that is not in a Clamshell, please allow for a 7-day processing time as the wax needs time to cure prior to use.
**If an item that you have selected is no longer in stock after you have purchased the 4-pack (very rare) you will be contacted. You will have the choice to replace that item with current inventory or be refunded.

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